Painting Hotel Lobby by Harry Stooshinoff

Hotel Lobby

An early work painted in 1984. I worked in hotels when I was young, in a variety of capacities. In 3rd year university and later, I did the night audit, balancing all daily business receipts. We met the night hawks….prowling around from different places after closing time,…. the violent, the crazy, the insomniacs,  the out of place,…. and we ourselves were night hawks,  at work at 11:00 pm…out at 7:00 am. Once I was commissioned to paint 4 Picassoid murals  on the hotel beverage room walls, at night. I once checked in famous Canadian poet Irving Layton, and another time, Alan Blakeney, the then sitting premier of Saskatchewan.  At the last hotel where I worked the night audit, 2 weeks after I quit to complete paintings sponsored by a major Canada Council Art Grant……. the auditor who replaced me was murdered during a robbery. That would have been me.  Yeah, you can call me Lucky. Here’s a hotel lobby at night. On stretched canvas, 20 x 26, unframed. It could be hung as-is or framed in a narrow pine strip frame. Free shipping within Canada and the USA.