Drawing Rooming House by Harry Stooshinoff

Rooming House

On paper 20 x 26 inches, from the 1984-87 urban landscape series. These pieces were based on thinking back to places lived in before. During first year university I lived in a 3 story rooming house for half the year. As rough and basic as it was, I enjoyed it there, especially when I moved to a sunlit room on the 3rd floor. It seemed to house a lot of down-and-outers, hard-bitten people. The young addicts in the room next to me used to have parties in their room and sometimes a fight would break out. It sounded like the room was exploding, and then all of a sudden everything would be perfectly quiet…they’d played themselves out. There was a lower room overhang outside my window, and I could climb out there and sit. One time someone from the wild bunch in the next room used this method of access to get into my room while I was away (they also had a window accessing the roof). He stole a pair of my favourite pants.....selective thieves!...mind you, I didn't have very much worth stealing. Another time I came home from classes and was walking up the dimly lit stairs and saw one of the boys from the neighboring room standing perfectly still on the stairs, just staring off into space. They were glue sniffers. They’d have a plastic bread bag with some rolled oats in it, and then they’d squeeze airplane glue into the oats to hold the fumes, hold the bag tightly closed when not in use, and then inhale from the bag when they wanted a hit. That was one way they’d get high. I stopped and chatted for just a bit. I said ‘if you keep doing that, you’ll have no brain left in a very short time’. He started crying a bit, and said ‘I know’. These were really sad, desperate people, but all things considered, we got along well enough. I felt a bit sad leaving that place at the end of the year. Free shipping within Canada and the USA. 

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